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Point Cook computers offers an easy and affordable way to get your business online and start getting visitors.

Our process is a quick way to get a tailor-made website that is not only beautiful but functional for your users.

We take care of the whole process for you. From content creation to design and marketing.

Customers expect a website to be easy to use and navigate and have easily accessible contact information for your business. This is what we keep in mind with every website we do.

1. Write quality content

At the core of every good website is good content.

Relevant and helpful information on your pages will help your customers get what they need, it also can increase your Google rating.

Good content with the appropriate use of keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) improves your listing with Google, making your website and business easier to find on the search engine.

We aim to get all our websites on the front page of Google.

Point Cook Computers works with you to write great website content. We get a feel for your business and what you do which allows us to customise your pages to best suit your customers.

Once this is process is underway, we can begin to design your website making it look and feel great.

Our websites are based on WordPress which gives you the ability to login and make changes yourself and update your pages and blog articles.

2. Design

a website should be professional fast and functional

Your website is your business is front page to the world and it should look that way we will work with you to design a beautiful website that matches your business style.

How designers can build any design style you like, either from scratch or base on A Current websites you like. Your website will be completely unique and be built with functionality first in mind.

Well your website will look beautiful, it will be easy for your customers to use, with all key information readily available within a click.

No cut and copy templates, your website will be unique.

So many website design companies these days use pre-built templates to create their websites. They simply download a template design off the web, change the logo and colours and off they go.

We don’t believe in this, get what you pay for.

We believe your website should be unique and built for you, where designers and that’s what we want to do.

How does Owens work on all devices including phone’s, tablets and PCs flashback.

3. Build

once we have the content and the design style has been done, we will get building right away.

We will create a test website on our servers so you can see your website build in progress.

All components of our websites are coded enhanced setting them apart from other websites in the eyes of Google.

Point Cook computers has built the lot, including the following.

  • Template systems
  • Mobile adaption system
  • Slideshows
  • Drop down menus
  • Customer forms

We use these systems so we can make your website look and work exactly how you want it to. We’re not restricted and they works fast.

All our complainants including our menus are optimised for Google search engine standards and speed, increasing your websites chances in the Google ranking system.

Depending on the scale and complexity of your business website, we can typically build your website within one or two weeks. Every page is tested that it works on all devices. A timeframe for your site build will be provided with your free quotation.

4. Marketing

get your website found on the net, and attract customers

a website isn’t much good if you haven’t got visitors, Google expects your website ┬ánot only to have relevant information but must be actively updated.

a comprehensive website marketing plan needs to be put in place to make sure you keep a good search engine ranking and keep visitors coming back.

Blogging, Google and social media

Posting regular  informative articles for your existing and potential customers is important to help people visit your website.

Regular articles posted on your website, and shared on social media will inform people of the services you offer, new products, industry news and relevant other treating.

Google notices these posts and sees your website is informative relative maintained and a value to people to read. With regular articles you will soon build a wealth of information and improve your website as a whole.

Point Cook computers can work with you and help you develop and online marketing plan.

To learn more please contact us for a chat or a free consultation and here how we can help with your business website and online needs.

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