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Sync data your files anywhere manage users save money

Point Cook computers can help get your business on the Cloud and get the best out of your technology.

Cloud services such as Google suite or Office 365 help you manage all of your data in the one place, without the need to purchase expensive servers or hardware.

These services are subscription-based, usually with a monthly fee per user. The technical stuff and backups are managed for you. Saving time and money.

So what is the cloud new line the clouds simply refers to the hardware or services hosted somewhere on the internet. They are generally huge data set is owned by Microsoft or Google.

You use this service similar to the server on your workplace but because they are located elsewhere far away, we refer to them as the cloud.

Read below to learn what the cloud can do for you.

All your data in one place

access it anywhere anytime on any device.

Using Gsuite Google drive is an example you are able to have one central location for your files accessible anywhere.

Let’s say you are on your PC or laptop you will be able to create folders containing your documents spreadsheets photos etc just as you do now Google Drive can sync these files to the cloud and you will be able to use your phone or tablet to view the files anywhere and any changes you make will be applied back to your PC

imagine how convenient it will be to be able to open that important spreadsheet on your phone without  having to go back to the office

there is a web interface to so even if you are at the library or internet cafe you will still be able to access your files via a web browser.

Sink and share emails contacts calendars and more

add a contact on your iPhone, it’s now on your PC

add a calendar entry on your PC it’s now in your phone

see in real real-time what emails you have read and replies to on all devices

this is the beauty of sinking your data with the cloud

Manage users

if you have a team of employees you will be able to manage and share information with them

real estate is a perfect example for this. Let’s say you have a team of agents out on the road they have daily appointments that generally I made my calls to the main office

with The cloud you will be able to edit and manage their calendars and contacts remotely

you’ll be able to set appointment reminders and notes along with phone and email details right into the phone’s contact list

you can  also managed the device security track the phone and  lucky from anywhere

shared email inboxes can also be useful, to make sure no email guys missed or on answered

Save money

cloud services starts from as low as $5 per user this includes all the features we have spoke about here.

he   Gmail address and we’ll be able to start emailing, syncing and sharing data right away

Point Cook computers can assist you in every step of the way and take care of the entire set up for you

to see what we can do for you give us a call or contact us

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