Business I.T Support

Your business IT network is not a set and forget system, it is the lifeblood of your business.

Your PCs, laptops and servers all depend on this network to run as well as your phones, security and emails to continue to operate.

It is imperative that this network is managed and maintained to ensure security and the continued operation of your business.

If your network goes down or is faulty it can cost thousands of dollars in lost work hours and productivity, how can you continue to look after your existing and new clients if you don’t have access to your files and emails.

Management / Maintenance

Point Cook computers offer a managed network services where we actively maintain and manage your network. We offer services on both monthly and ad-hoc basis.

Our current clients include doctor’s clinics, mortgage brokers, financial planners, real estate agencies and more.

For these clients it is critical their business IT networks continue to operate. It is also critical for the clients these businesses continue to service.

With a maintenance service contract we provide a proactive managed services to keep networks running before problems arise. A full report is provided of any work we undertake so you know what what’s being done.

If a problem does arise we are there immediately to help. We will quickly diagnose any problems and rectify them.

A disaster recovery plan will be put in place and practiced to ensure there are protocols and procedures to get your network up again and have a contingency plan in place to minimise the disruption to your business


Aside from regular scheduled visits by your technician Point Cook Computers can remotely monitor the state of your network.

We will immediately be notified of any problems that arise and be able to contact you with any information you may need.

Backups will also be monitored and checked to make sure they are working and your data remains safe in the case of an emergency.

We can monitor:

  • State and condition of servers and workstations
  • Security
  • Login irregularities
  • Backups
  • Internet usage
  • Remote logins
  • Virus scans


Windows and Linux servers can be built and maintained to suit your business and budget and perform your business needs.A server is usually the central point of your business network data like emails documentation user management and databases

Servers we build and maintain

  • Windows service
  • Linux servers
  • Network service
  • database servers
  • Web service
  • Email servers


  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Active directory
  • SQL and mysql database is
  • Apache web server
  • Pop and imap
  • Owncloud


some of our servers have gone over 3 years without going down or being rebooted. That’s over 1000 days without a problem.

Point Cook computer servers are built for a liability affordability and speed.

VPN and remote access

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to work from home ┬ápermanently and have your pee so it’s just as if you work but then at the office. All your email and apps work just as if you were there you can even print.

What a VPN (virtual private network) does.

A VPN creates a secure, encrypted connection across the internet between you and your business network.

Once your laptop or PC is connected, it’s like being there with access to everything you need.

Point Cook computers VPN networks use Bank level encryption to connect you. We also use individual user certificates to provide an extra layer of security.

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